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Good things come in small packages

Access to the right workplace accessories can make a job ten times easier. By introducing small additions such as an ergonomic mouse, touchpad, wrist support mouse mat, ergonomic or left-handed keyboards can improve workstation comfort immensely.

Cradling a handset between the shoulder and ear is commonplace but it’s dire for neck strain, shoulder tension and headaches. Telephone headsets improve posture and work efficiency by freeing both hands and offer acoustic protection.

A workplace assessment will help to identify poor working practices and repetitive strain potential in order to recommend suitable workplace accessories to enhance efficiencies and well being.

C13 Fellowes Weighted Copyholder

C13 Fellowes Weighted Copyholder

Evoluent Version 4 Ergonomic Mouse

Evoluent Version 4

FR1 Score Basic 952 foot stand

FR1 Score Basic 952 Foot Stand

FR18 Adjustable Footrest

FR18 Adjustable Footrest

FR2 Hag Quickstep foot rest

FR2 Hag Quickstep Foot Rest

MR6 SuperGlide Wrist Support

MR6 Tru Back SuperGlide Wrist Support

NC-181VM PC Headset

NC-181VM PC Headset

WR2G Graphite Fellowes Gel Wrist rest

WR2G Graphite Fellowes Gel Wristrest

WR3G Gel Wrist rest

WR3G Fellowes Adjustable Gel Wristrest

WS2 Height Adjustable Perspex Writing Slope

WS2 Height Adjustable Perspex Writing Slope