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Protecting spines with specialist office chairs

Specialist office chairs because one size doesn’t fit all

Are you sitting comfortably?

Awareness of the detrimental effects of long term sitting is widespread but mainstream office seating can still be inadequate.

A chair is so much more than the seat you sit on. In order to ensure an upright posture, a backrest needs to fit an individual’s height when sitting. It should have excellent lumbar support and offer both height and angle adjustability of the back and neck-rest.

A seat pad should fit comfortably and mould to the person seated and armrests should always be modifiable.

Fits like a glove

Specialist office chairs are designed to support the areas of the body prone to pain, namely the lower back, neck, shoulders and lower limbs – legs should never dangle from the seat of a chair.

Part of office ergonomics is to assess whether a footrest or legrest is needed and many ranges offer combinations packages.


Back Care Chair

Specialist Office Chairs 1


LSS4 Leg Rest

Foot Rests, Leg Rests

Varier Variable Balans chair

Kneeling Chair

LR4 5” D-Shaped Spinal Lumbar Roll

Lumbar Support

Aeris MUVS Muvman Stool

Sit Stand Chair