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Snowsound® IN Ceiling Acoustic Panels

Snowsound IN Ceiling Mounted Panels 1

Snowsound IN Ceiling Acoustic Panels

Award-winning CE mark approved to the technical specification EN 13964 for use as a suspended ceiling to assist in reducing distraction distance in open plan areas.

590mm x 590mm or 590mm x 1190mm

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Additional Features

  • Frameless design avoids potentially sound reflecting surfaces
  • Class A sound absorption
  • Tested to UNI EN ISO 10534-2, UNI EN ISO354, ISO 10053
  • CE mark for ceiling fixings (accordance with BS EN 13964)
  • 100% recyclable
  • Greenguard Gold certification contributes to LEED building rating system
  • No formaldehyde content and tested to BS EN ISO 12460-3
  • Absence of airspaces or cavity and seamless surface significantly decreases accumulation of dirt, pollen or insect infestation
  • Tested to ISO 9142 to stimulate extreme conditions of temperature and humidity to ensure continued acoustic performance in all environments
  • Strong, thin and light

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