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How office acoustic panels can improve the working environment

Filter office noise with acoustic panels

Curb annoying disruptions

Noise and visual distractions can be a major disruption to workflow. Acoustic foam panels or bricks are aesthetically pleasing to match a multitude of layouts and are designed to divide office spaces and reduce noise.

Acoustic panels offer the flexibility to change spaces in a modern open plan workspace by creating walls for meeting areas, ceiling coverings or lighting and private individual workstations.

Desk panel partitions, furniture and sound masking help to control sound and create zone management for speech privacy and comfort.

Strong and lightweight acoustic panels offer convenience and easy maintenance with a five-year guarantee and are independently tested for absorption performance to both UNI EN ISO 10534-2 and UNI ENISO 354.

Advanced office acoustic solutions

Choose specialist acoustic furniture, tables and accessories from a range of contemporary reception and soft seating areas, workspace and landscaping, and meeting, conference and café collections.

Positive Sound Technology

Positive Sound Technology embraces emotion in the workplace, focusing acoustic products around three key elements – people, place and purpose.

The concept is to ensure a good acoustic environment that can improve effective interaction, create a positive setting and aid wellbeing. Products are creative, cost-effective, simple to specify and install, and 100% recycled.

Snowsound® Technology

Snowsound® Technology is an award-winning, patented range developed by Italian acoustics specialists Caimi Brevetti, created from the result of much research and development that is still in progress.

With Class A Absorption performance and holding the ISO 10053 standards, Snowsound® Technology has been tested to both UNI EN ISO 10534-2 (equivalent to BS EN ISO 10534-2) for absorption in an impedance tube as well as UNI EN ISO 354 (equivalent to BS EN ISO 354) for absorption in a reverberation room.

Acoustic Panels 1


Acoustic Panels 2

Snowsound Baffle Ceiling Mounted Acoustic Panels

Acoustic Panels 3

Snowsound IN Ceiling Mounted Panels

Acoustic Panels 4

Freestanding Panels – Fabricks

Acoustic Panels 5

Freestanding Panels – Mitesco Totem

Sound Masking Systems

Sound Masking