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A bad chair can cause more damage than good

Quality ergonomic furniture and accessories for the workplace

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Paying attention to workforce individual needs is rewarding both for the employee and the business.

Old and inadequate office furniture can easily be replaced with cost-effective ergonomic alternatives to improve workstation comfort. Accessories and appropriate equipment such as an ergonomic mouse, keyboard, and monitor with adjustable screen height are also vital elements to creating a harmonious workplace.

Products are available for trial periods (subject to terms) with full operating instructions supplied on purchase and optional training sessions.

Products 1

Acoustic Panels


Back Care Chair

Products 2


R123 Quad Monitor Arm

Display Screen Equipment

LSS4 Leg Rest

Foot Rests, Leg Rests

Height adjustable desk retrofit

Height Adjustable Desks

Varier Variable Balans chair

Kneeling Chair

LR4 5” D-Shaped Spinal Lumbar Roll

Lumbar Support

Aeris MUVS Muvman Stool

Sit Stand Chair

Evoluent Version 4 Ergonomic Mouse

Workplace Accessories

Assessing real people

A workplace assessment will cater for individual height, weight and disability, and ergonomic products will be recommended to enhance everyone’s working environment.

Adjustable desks and flexible chairs are sufficient for the vast majority whilst equipment such as attachable support cushions, disability inflatable airbags and weight-bearing bariatric equipment is available for specific needs.