Why office space planning creates a happier workplace

Expert advice for office space planning

Plan ahead, redesign and retrofit

Moving into a new office or refurbishing the office environment is the optimal time to consider office space planning with ergonomics in mind.

Office space extensibility

Often, growing companies need to accommodate additional staff within an existing office setting that call for an efficient redesign. Slimline electronic equipment, and compact desks and chairs are the perfect answer to productive working and maximising space.

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Understanding what’s needed and what’s available

Consulting with an ergonomic office specialist will ensure any office space planning considers the needs of staff at their workstations and fulfils the responsibilities of an employer to provide satisfactory equipment that’s pain and strain-free.

If employees can see an effort is being made to care for their physical needs it’ll pay dividends in work output and staff retention.

The last thing anyone needs is a claim later in life that an unsatisfactory chair in your office has caused lumbar pain.

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