How office acoustics can improve the working environment

Professional office acoustics planning

Create optimal working conditions

Office acoustics play a key part in providing the right conditions to work effectively.
Whilst noise can be distracting and impede productivity, especially in an open plan environment, so can a completely silent office.

Encourage mental clarity and enhanced productivity

Striking a balance between the two is where the science of office acoustics comes in, using sound masking and absorbing techniques to manage noise frequencies, mainly across white, pink and brown noise.
Positive sounds, filtered to a comfortable level, subliminally contribute towards a prospering office environment that encourages mental clarity and enhanced productivity.

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Filtering sound effectively

Acoustic furniture is available in a wide range of shapes and sizes designed with privacy in mind and made from sound absorbing materials.

High-backed chairs block out noise and minimise peripheral vision disruptions. Workspace dens and meeting hubs offer secluded places for private conversations.

Combined with office space planning, acoustics within the workplace will incorporate natural and external atmospheric sounds from open windows, audio-visual media and beyond the office door to maximise the ambience for positive working conditions.

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